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Page history last edited by Chris Messina 11 years, 11 months ago


  • Scott Kveton
  • Mike Jones
  • David Recordon
  • Martin Atkins
  • Brian Kissel
  • Raj Mata
  • Dick Hardt

Test Cases Development

Mike posted a proposal to pay John Bradley to develop some test cases to be incorporated into the OSIS Interop test suite.

There was some discussion around the focus area for the tests and the delivery time. Mike clarified that John has committed to delivering before the RSA Conference. David agreed to work with John to figure out what would be good focus areas for the tests.

Motion 1: Approve in principle sending $6000 to fund 20 interop test cases with review of the actual test cases to be done by a sub-committee.

Proposed by Mike. Seconded by Scott. Passed unanimously.

ED Plan

Two further candidates have offered their services to the Foundation as an interim ED. One is waiting to see how another opportunity pans out, while the other indicated a willingness to step down from a current position to take on this role. The former candidate also indicated a desire to grow the scope of the interim ED position slightly.

Scott noted that he has found three solid recruiters with good references. These will cost 30% of the first year's compensation for a candidate that they find, and if that candidate doesn't stay for a year they will find another for no extra charge.

It was noted also that Brian will be having lunch with a potential ED candidate tomorrow.

Global Inventures has also put in a proposal for our short-term action plan and it came in at around $30k. There was interest in having them in a supporting role, but concern that they might not have enough context to actually lead.

It was noted that if Inventures can do all of this stuff for around $30k, and they can actually get these things done, then that would be a good deal in comparison to just the recruiters. The idea was raised of recruiting an interim ED alongside Global Inventures in preference to hiring a recruiter, since the Foundation is likely to get more for its money via that route. There was agreement about this course of action.

The decision from the first potential candidate is expected by Monday.

It was agreed that the interim ED and the Global Inventures contract would both be for three months. The actual recruiting of a new ED would then happen after the election, under the new community board.

Board Seats

It was noted that with the current board ratio we can actually take on one additional corporate board member without growing the community board. However, the more general question was raised about whether to increase the number of seats to allow for the subsequent corporate board member in the current election or whether to wait until after the election and appoint interim board members as previously discussed.

Hiring Committee Call

The hiring committee will have a conference call at 9am next Tuesday.

Communicate About The Election

Scott agreed to send out a note about how new board members will be added.

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