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Adding to the Registry

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This page defines the process of how elements are added to the "OIDF-Defined" section of the registry


How to Make a Request

Members of the OIDF schemas WG collectively serve as the editors of the OIDF schemas registry. They follow this process:

  1. Any community member may request a new element or set of elements be added to the Registry
  2. Requester must send a ELEMENT-REQUEST email as defined below.
  3. Following the receipt of the ELEMENT-REQUEST email, there is a discussion period on the WG Schemas list
  4. Once the discussion reaches rough consensus, the requester must send a ELEMENT-VOTE email as defined below
  5. By the end of at least one week and not more than one month, the new URI is approved if:
    • At least three members of the WG vote +1 (approve) in a reply to the list.
    • No members of the WG vote -1 (disapprove) in a reply to the list.
  6. If the new request receives the necessary votes then
    1. VOTE-RESULT email must be sent (see below)
    2. The new Claim URI "row" in the Registry Catalog is marked "approved" along with the date approved and a link to the VOTE-RESULT email
    3. A appropriatly formatted document descibing the element will be published at the URI.



An email with "ELEMENT-REQUEST" in the subject line must be sent to the Schemas WG mailing list. The body of the email MUST describe these Registry Catalog Fields

  • Claim-name - name of the element, e.g. "email"
  • Datatype - the XML schema datatype of the value, e.g. "date", "string", etc.
  • Value Range - description of the range of possible values
  • Description - description in English of the meaning of the claim (should not exceed 250 characters).
  • Rationale - requirement(s) explaining why this claim URI should be added, and why no other claim URI currently in the catalog will meet these requirements.

The above information may be included in the body of the email. 

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