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Call for Vote

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 11 years, 9 months ago

Title of Vote

Please provide a succinct, but descriptive, title for this vote.

Who has called for this vote?

List of name(s)

Type of vote

Voice, email or online poll (if online poll, please supply link)

When does this vote begin?


When will this vote end? 



Please provide any supporting details or background to give context to this vote. 

Please also describe the details of the vote and what is being proposed.

What will be the outcome if the vote succeeds?

Please describe the desired outcome of a positive vote.

...what is the outcome if the vote fails?

Please describe what, if anything, will be the result of a negative vote. If nothing, please specify "No change."

List any relevant links, discussions or supporting materials


  • Resource


  • Resource


  • Resource


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