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Japanese OpenID Survey

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 11 years, 8 months ago

Nat Sakimura provided these questions to help design subsequent surveys.

An analysis of the first use of this survey is available.

Q1. Do you know what is OpenID? Are you using it? 

   a) Yes, I know, and I am using it. 

   b) Yes, I know, but I am not using it. 

   c) No, I do not know. 

Q2. (For those of you who did not know OpenID): 

   OpenID is an authentication mechanism that allows you to login to multiple site with only one ID.

   For the ID, URL will be used. 

   Can you imagine how to use it? 

   a) Yes, I can imagine it clearly. 

   b) Yes, I can. 

   c) No, I cannot. 

Q3. Can you trust OpenID security-wise? 

   a) Yes, very much. 

   b) Yes, sort of. 

   c) No, I cannot. 

Q4. Yahoo! recently announced the support for OpenID. Does it improve your impression around security of OpenID? 

   a) Yes, very much. 

   b) Yes, sort of. 

   c) No

Q5. Would you like to use OpenID? 

  a) Yes, very much. 

  b) Yes, sort of. 

  c) No. 

Q6. (For those of you who did not wish to use OpenID): Why you do not want to use OpenID? 

  a) Because I feel uneasy on the security level, such as PII leakage. 

  b) Because I do not know how to use. 

  c) Because I do not feel necessity in id/password consolidation. 

  d) Because nobody uses around me. 

  e) Other Reasons: [specify:_______________________________________________]

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