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Content Management Systems

Package Native support Extension / Plugin Comments
Drupal Yes, in Drupal 6.0 OpenID module  
ImpressCMS Yes No Planned for ImpressCMS 1.1
Joomla No O  
Plone Yes, in Plone 3 ?  ?  
SPIP No OpenID plugin  
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware Yes, in TikiWiki 1.10 (now in Beta) Not needed thanks to native support  
XOOPS No. Yes Planned for XOOPS 3.0
ikiwiki Yes Yes  

Web Application Frameworks

Package Native support Extension / Plugin Comments
dotnetnuke Yes, in 4.6.0 No  
WebGUI No  OpenID Auth Module  Beta 


Package Native support Extension / Plugin Comments
MediaWiki No OpenID Extension  
DokuWiki No OpenID Plugin Beta


Package Native support Extension / Plugin Comments



OpenID Plugin

RPX Plugin


Adds OpenID, Facebook, MySpace, & Windows LiveID authentication from https://rpxnow.com/ to your wordpress blog

Forums / Bulletin Boards

Package Native support Extension / Plugin Comments     
phpBB No Complete phpBB OpenID Updated 2009-07-09
phpBB No phpbb-openid Known security issue as of 2007-10-02
PunBB No openid  
SMF Yes, in SMF 2.0
None known  

SaaS Products

  • RPX - JanRain has a SaaS product which lets a website accept OpenID's with very little engineering. No libraries to install, no database schema to change, you don't have to become an OpenID expert. The basic product is Free, enterprise versions are described at www.janrain.com/products/rpx.

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